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The New Definition for DIVA


Is there a DIVA in you?

Let me know if YOU have the sparkle it takes to be…


WHAT IS A DIVA for post

Girlfriends Talk Radio: Josh Sabarra Brings a Splash of Hollywood to his #SmGirlfriends


Josh Sabarra


Our guest Josh Sabarra, the CEO of Breaking News PR, promised to bring a splash of Hollywood to his Social Media Girlfriends and he did just that!


Josh had us on the edge of our tweets as he told us about the success he has found in the entertainment industry, and shared details about his upcoming projects.  We were thrilled to learn that Josh is producing a movie with Nancy Grace - The Eleventh Hour, for the Lifetime Network!  We also learned about his new role as Consulting Producer for the The Ricki Lake Show, and how much he enjoys it!


When asked to describe himself in one word, Josh chose loyal.  The sound of  “awwwww” went global on twitter when he said it, and as the conversation continued, we learned that Josh lives by the word loyalty, in both his business and life!


We adored hearing about the passion Josh has for the entertainment industry, which developed during his early childhood and how important true friendship is to him. We were touched by the depth of gratitude Josh expressed as he shared details about his 17 year friendship with Nancy Grace and the treasured relationship he has with his BFF Ricki Lake, one of our very own #SmGirlfriends!


If you weren’t able to join us live, get ready to be inspired by a man who is expressive, brilliant and values friendship as much as we do!


We hope you will all put @TeamRickiJosh and @BreakingNewsPr in your nest! Be sure to tweet to Josh and let him know what your favorite part of the show was!

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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Self-Taught Entreprener @SandyAbrams ~ The “Regular Girl” with the Million Dollar Idea! #smgirlfriends


Sandy Abrams


Do you have a million dollar idea? Introducing one of our Social Media Girlfriends ~ Sandy Abrams !


Sandy calls herself the “regular girl” who took her idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar company!


Listen as Sandy shares tips that will help you take your business idea to new heights! Sandy is the author of Your Idea Inc and a self-taught entrepreneur. She believes that any idea…YOUR idea, can lead to success!


We agree ~ ALL women can find success in business and life! If you missed us live, take the time to surround yourself with Sandy’s magnificence, as you become inspired and educated on how YOU can take your idea to millions!


Be sure to follow Sandy on Twitter ~ @SandyAbrams ~ She is one of our #SmGirlfriends ~ Put her in your nest today!



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Girlfriends Talk Radio: The Single Woman’s Cheerleader ~ @YvonneChaseLA talks to the #smgirlfriends

“All The Single Ladies Get Your Hands Up!”

Yvonne Chase Blog Talk Radio


We were thrilled to have one of our own Social Media Girlfriends ~  Yvonne Chase with us today!


Yvonne is a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach and the “Single Women’s Cheerleader” ~ You don’t want to miss  this lively and ~oh ~ so ~ inspiring show!

When it comes to dating, sometimes a cheerleader is just what we need!  Yvonne knows just how to inspire, encourage and empower women to date without heartache.

As part of Yvonne’s three part mission, we learn, “The first step in making a love connection is being the best, happiest and most fulfilled YOU that you can be!”  Always articulate and entertaining, Yvonne  will make you feel empowered and excited about life!

Listen today and find out how you can save your next relationship before it starts!

Be sure to check out her  Ask Coach Yvonne E-zine and her work published in the Brooklyn Woman weekly newspaper, Ebony magazine, Heart & Soul magazine and ESSENCE magazine! 


Follow Yvonne on Twitter ~ @YvonneChaseLA ~ She can be found daily in our #SmGirlfriends “nest” of fabulous!

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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Dancing With The Stars @SashaFarber talks with his #SmGirlfriends

sasha faber


What an amazing show we had with Sasha Farber ~ The “Heart and Soul” of the dancing troupe on ABC’s smashing hit Dancing With the Stars!


The Social Media Girlfriends  had their dancing shoes on while listening to Sasha’s “dreamy” Aussie voice. Join us, as Sasha shares his dancing story of how he started his dancing career, hoping to “get girls” and how he did just that, finding a very special girl of his own on the show! 


Did you ever wonder about the inside “scoop” and behind the scenes stories of the hit Dancing with the Stars?  


Sasha tells us just how the celebrities learn the steps and all about the hours of training it actually takes,  as he twirled us around the dance floor,  answering the many questions we had! 


Sasha shares his many experiences with us! 

Sasha Farber has appeared in many television shows including; So You Think You Can Dance and the MTV Music Awards! He is an absolute delight,  and a very big fan of our Social Media Girlfriends community!


Be sure to follow Sasha on Twitter ~ @SashaFarber ~ He is ready to help YOU get your dance on!


Girlfriends Talk Radio: Maternity Guru @LizLange Business, Family & Success #smgirlfriends

We took a walk down memory lane in this fun and informative episode of Girlfriends Talk Radio with the brilliant maternity line creator Liz Lange.  It was so fun to remember the days when the ONLY cool line of maternity clothes was a pair of overalls and a huge t-shirt.  And then, along came Liz!

Whether you have ever been pregnant or not, this episode is sure to inspire you to surround yourself with positive energy and go for your dreams!  We were even hearing from some of our Boys On Twitter that they were loving the conversation!  We were so excited to connect with Liz on Twitter and delighted to have her on the show.  So, make sure you are reaching out to your role models on Twitter, so you can get inspired and connect with people who lift you up too!

Did you have a hard time finding maternity wear that made you feel fashionable?  Are you pregnant now and needing any tips for how to feel comfortable and chic?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments! 



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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Different Types of Mom Relationships @Ciesla504 and @DailyDimmick

Mother’s Day may be a Hallmark holiday, but it is still a very important day to celebrate the women who have brought us all into this world or who have helped us to survive the circumstances of life.  Sometimes these relationships have been magical and other times they have been challenging, but this is a day that comes around every year and that gives us the opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation for moms.

What kind of card do you get for the mom who wasn’t always there for you?

How do you celebrate Mothers Day when your mother is no longer living?

What do you say to the child who doesn’t want to celebrate you as a mom?

Life isn’t always easy, but we always have the opportunity to grow and learn from every experience. 

In this episode of Girlfriends Talk Radio, we were so very fortunate to be joined by the Girlfriend of the Month of May Kimberly Ciesla and Mistah Sistah, Stephen Dimmick who shared their thoughts and experiences about motherhood and Mothers Day with us.  BTW, we also shared a few thoughts on the Forbes article about Klout, in keeping with our obsession with social media!

Thank you for joining us.  Enjoy the show and please leave your thoughts and stories in the comments to share with us! 

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms in Social Media Girlfriends!


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Announcing #smgirlfriends Girlfriend of the Month of May Kimberly @Ciesla504

Kimberly Ciesla

 Kimberly Ciesla
 Traverse City, Michigan


1. What are you most passionate about in life?

I am most passionate about my family! My Twitter Bio pretty much sums it up “Love my family, Love my Life! Italian Mom and Wife.” Being born and raised in a large and loving Italian Family I have learned that family is what is most important in life. Your family is what makes everything else in life worth living. I have a plaque that hangs in my kitchen that says “Sempre Famiglia” which means “Forever Family” in Italian. All of my hopes, my dreams and desires are all connected by one common thread, my “Sempre Famiglia”.


2. What is your greatest accomplishment in life so far?

The greatest accomplishment in my life is my family. Finding and marrying, my best friend, my “Soul Mate”, my husband 27 years ago has started me on the most amazing journey in life! We have a great loving marriage, built a successful family business and raised two beautiful, amazing, and kind children that continue to bring us great pride and joy into their adulthood. Our daughter recently graduated and is an RN, and our son has just completed his freshman year at Michigan Tech! I can honestly say that my life has truly been blessed. :)

3. Who has been the most inspiring teacher in your life?

The most inspiring teacher in my life has been my mother. She taught me how to give unconditional love and support and to be there for each and every member of your family no matter what. Shortly after my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly my mother gave me this one great piece of advice. She said:  “Life is short ~ Make a memory!”  She said “Take the time to make a memory each and every day with your family, your husband, and your children, because in the end that is what will live on in their hearts long after you have gone.” I miss my father every day, but the sweet memories that we made together will live on in my heart forever!   


4. What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I had just turned 40. I would tell my 40 year old self “Don’t forget to take care of “YOU” Make sure that while you are out there being everything to everyone to be sure to give enough time and attention to your self, your health, and your soul. Nurture yourself! Spend plenty of time with the important women in your life!

5. What is the most important quality that you look for in a friend? 

The main qualities that I look for in a friend are loyalty, trustworthiness, kindness, and FUN. I love to meet and get to know new friends. I have a very open heart and do my best to give back the same :)   I love a friend that I can be myself with, be silly, have fun and laugh!         


6. How has social media changed your life?
Social media has given me so much especially in the past year! It has allowed me to grow personally as well as professionally in so many ways! It has opened up the world to me to connect and meet people and friends from all of the US (and Canada;) that I may never had the opportunity to do so before. Some of my Social Media connections have become wonderful longtime friendships that have been brought offline and continue to grow.


7. Do you have any social media tips for making friends?

Social media tip: Be open! Engage! Socialize! Follow back and strike up conversations with people even if you don’t think that they are your “type”. I believe that everyone comes into your life and everything happens for a reason. If you keep the door open you never know who or what may walk into your life.   


8. If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
Julie Roberts :) Not only because we have the similar long reddish hair, but I feel that she has already played so many roles that could be considered to be a part of me. She is a strong, beautiful, romantic, and loving woman with a great smile and laugh. I love to smile and laugh! I think she would be the most amazing girlfriend and I can only hope that all of my girlfriends and family think the same of me?!


9. What is your favorite quote?
As you may already know, I love quotes! Especially positive quotes! Two of my favorite quotes are:

Friends are the flowers in the garden of Life

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


10. Tell us your favorite thing about the Social Media Girlfriends community…

I love how the Social Media Girlfriends brings together positive and inspiring, women from across the globe into a cozy community “nest” welcoming, loving and supporting each #SMgirlfriends for the uniqueness that she brings to the group. So empowering!

Girlfriends Talk Radio with @KenScheer on Celiac Disease and Food Allergies

Celiac disease

We have to feel good if we want to walk in our greatness, so this episode of Girlfriends Talk Radio is all about what we put in our bodies as we step into our magnificence!

More specifically, we talked about how to rock a healthy lifestyle with Ken Scheer about gluten free eating and how to eat out at restaurants when you have food sensitivities or allergies.  Ken shared his story with us about how he realized he found out he had Celiac disease and what he has gone through since then.  May is Celiac Awareness month and Ken is doing a lot of important work educating the community about allergies and food intolerance and changes that restaurants and food establishments can do to accommodate these increasing needs.

Do you have food allergies, sensitivities or Celiac disease?  Please share your experience in the comments while you enjoy the show!


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