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Girlfriend Spotlight: Ruth Tait

Our Girlfriend Spotlight of the week:

~ Ruth Tait ~

Ruth tait

Ruth Tait is a a photographer and artist located in Ontario, Canada. She has been part of the Social Media Girlfriends almost from the very start. The above picture was done by Ruth for Dabney Porte when Dabney worked the red carpet as a social media correspondent for The Oscars. If you would like to see more of Ruth’s photography you can go here and you can see some of her fine prints here. Ruth also shares tips, tricks, new apps and programs that may make your photography hobby or profession easier. You can find her on Facebook and tweet her @ruthtaitphotos. Got an idea of what you want to do with your favorite picture – Give her a shout!

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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Dabney talks friendship with Shasta Nelson of Girlfriends Circle

Shasta Nelson

Listen to this interview as Dabney discusses friendships with Female Friendship Expert Shasta Nelson, Founder of, a women’s friendship matching site in 35 cities across the U.S. and Canada.  Her spirited and soulful voice for strong female relationships can be found in her book Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends.

Shasta has appeared in the media offering her expertise on such subjects as creating new friends, learning how to forgive our friends, social media’s impact on our friendships, and the characteristics of healthy friendships. She has appeared on The Today Show, Katie Couric’s Show, The Early Show, and Fox Business. In addition, she has been referenced by writers and reporters from such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Essence, Parents, More, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Glamour, and for such newspapers as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle.

In this broadcast Shasta shares with us that there is actually a science to friendships and how to build successful, nurturing, healthy relationships. Did you know that strong relationships and sense of community can boost our health? Turns out when you are sitting and enjoying a happy and loving relationship it releases oxytocin – the good stuff – and inhibits cortisol – the bad stuff – from rising because the two cannot be released at the same time. Isn’t that fascinating?!

Also, did you know most women go through the pangs of making friends we just don’t talk about it? Have you ever been in a space in your life where you were wondering where all your friends were? Believe it or not this is a common thread among many women. Why? Because within each stage of our lives our worlds change and so do our friends. For example, let’s take a look at motherhood – it is found that many of us connect and engage more frequently with the parents of who our children are friends with and not those that we have the most in common with, which could lead to a genuine long-lasting friendship. Interesting, right?

In this interview Shasta describes developmental stages of a friendship as well as discussing the 5 Friendship Threats – Jealousy, Judgment, Non-reciprocation, Neglect and Blame. Learn how they apply and what you may need if you find yourself looking for some friends – and Shasta’s matching service – Girlfriends is here to help! The women in Girlfriends Circle are strong, confident professionals who know the value of good friendships. Shasta says, “There is nothing wrong with recognizing that maybe you feel a pang of loneliness and learning to go out and satisfy that loneliness. There is something about acknowledging the issue and opening up about it, that softens us and allows us to say, ‘Okay, what can I do about that.’”

As Dabney said in the interview, this concept is similar to the Law of Fabulous – Fabulous attracts Fabulous and this is why The Social Media Girlfriends LOVE Girlfriends Circle. Listen to Girlfriends Talk Radio today!

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Shasta lives and works with her husband in Northern California – Her incredible ability to bring women together in healthy, meaningful relationships makes her someone special to know! Find her on Facebook or chat with her @girlfrndcircles

Girlfriends Talk Radio: Dabney welcomes trainer Kristin McGee ~ Yoga ~ Pilates ~ Fitness


Kristin McGee 2

Listen to Dabney and Celebrity Trainer Kristin McGee AKA – @TheBendiGirl, talk about what it takes to work hard and stick with your passion which eventually will lead you to your path. Also, in this interview Kristin gives away 2 copies of her latest DVD ~ Strong Sexy Svelte: 3 Total Workouts for a Rocking Body! This newly released DVD is focused on Fitness for the Mind and Body! She also shares her recent APP ~ Yoga & Pilates with Kristin McGee.

You may have seen Kristin featured on CNN, CBS Morning Show, Fox, Good Morning America and Tyra Banks. She is also a Health Magazine Contributing Editor, a Fila Yoga Ambassador and teaches at Reebok/Sports Club LA, Clay Health/Fitness, Equinox Fitness, Yoga Works and more!

In this interview Kristin describes how her passion for dance and fitness transformed into becoming a yoga instructor, celebrity trainer and all around fitness expert. She has worked with a list of celebrities to include Steve Martin, Tina Fey, LeAnn Rimes, Savannah Guthrie and also appears in the DVD, Body by Bethenny with Bethenny Frankel. Kristin not only trains celebrities, but people from ALL walks of life and on this show she motivates and inspires us with her story of how she ironically landed on her path. She explains the happenings that shaped where she is today – combining both of her passions on the same platform. Find out which celebrity opened up an opportunity for her fun part on 30 Rock!

Listen in and hear Kristin describe how yoga gave her the supportive foundation she needed on her career path. She found the more she immersed herself in yoga the easier it was to weather the storm in the trials and tribulations she was experiencing in her daily living. Kristin says, “Yoga is much like life in that, when you’re in those uncomfortable places that’s when you have to take a deep breath and push through it.” She says, “If you stay just a few extra moments… everything opens up.”

Kristin brings a powerful, spiritual feeling to the interview saying that people do yoga to “focus on your body and mind connection because that sets the way for everything else you do in life.” This philosophy is what makes her a favorite of the Social Media Girlfriends. Listen to Girlfriends Talk Radio today!

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Kristin is from Pocatello, Idaho and currently resides in New York. She is married and a soon-to-be first time mommy – Find her on Facebook or tweet her @thebendigirl

Girlfriend Spotlight: Margaret Salmond

Introducing our Girlfriend Spotlight of the week:

~ Margaret Salmond ~

margaret salmond

Margaret Salmond is a Mom, Nana, Business Woman, Volunteer, Blogger, Vlogger, Reviewer, Book reader and Moscato drinker to name a few. She works out of San Francisco, California and knows her way around social media like a hawk. She has that same kind of passion in her outside world – she just recently volunteered on behalf of Women’s Drop In Center over the Mother’s Day weekend for Help A Mother Out, which is a non-profit organization making sure every baby has a healthy supply of diapers. In addition to these already wonderful qualities – would you like to know something else about this dynamic woman? She is a FABULOUS giveawayer!! Currently she is giving away a $25 Visa Gift Card simply because she welcomed a new grandchild and she is feeling blessed. Go on over to Margs World and leave her a word congratulating her on her new granddaughter. Just by doing that kind gesture you are up for $25 bucks! Umm… how can that be bad?! Spend some time on her blog and I guarantee you will see why she makes an awesome addition to the Social Media Girlfriends. Hurry! Giveaway ends May 23, 2013, 11:59 PM EST. I’m on my way now… see you there!

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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Dabney opens up the diva line to Lawrence Zarian ~ Fashion and Style Expert


Lawrence Zarian2

This week Dabney visits with TV personality, style expert and friend Lawrence Zarian. He returns to the show as the “official” Social Media Girlfriends Fashion Stylist with ideas to help us get our summer style on! He will delight you as he shares HOT fashion tips and updates on the latest style trends in Hollywood!

Lawrence just joined Jillian Barberie for Macy’s American Icons Fashion Show this past week. Macy’s will be holding fashion shows across the nation, partnering with several designers for an all-star salute to famous brands and American Icons that have forever impacted American style and who make us proud. Lawrence says, “It’s all about red, white and blue this summer. Colors will come and go but All American will last forever, always.”


In this show Lawrence shares ideas on how to give YOURSELF a makeover. Did you know that Macy’s offers a FREE personal shopper? That’s right! Go to Macy’s Department store today and make an appointment! Tell them you want to try something different and ask them what they would like to see on you. Lawrence says “If you let the world see you, it’s better to see what THEY see than what YOU see because we are programmed to see what we don’t like.” Make’s sense right? Call Macy’s then come back and tell your Social Media Girlfriends all about it in a guest post!

In addition to trend spotting and celebrity red carpet reporting, Lawrence has been a family member on Live with Regis and Kelly which is now – Live with Kelly and Michael – for over 10 years! In this interview, Lawrence shares his week long makeover series – New You in New York Makeovers on Live with Kelly and Michael! He feels that it was one of the best makeover shows ever and has realized that his job in this lifetime is to do exactly what he’s doing, show people to love who they are and be present in the moment. Hear how deeply it touches Lawrence to have the ability to make these lifetime changes. He says, “Women forget that they are meant to be treated beautifully – they are like a fine piece of china.”

We think Lawrence is a beautiful individual and we know you will too. Listen in as he shares his fashion expertise and come back again when he’s here to launch his book – Lawrence Zarian’s 10 Commandments to a Perfect Wardrobe. He loves being able to change peoples lives and says, “That’s what life is – it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey.” That great voice, charm and soulfulness is what makes him a favorite of the Social Media Girlfriends. Listen to Girlfriends Talk Radio today!

Girlfriend Spotlight: Pam McCormick

Introducing our Girlfriend Spotlight of the week:

~ Pam McCormick ~


Pam McCormick is new to the blogging world – you might know her from the blog Dancin Moma where she writes about grabbing the opportunity. However, even though she is new she has jumped right into the social media world and has been dazzling it up with her inspiring spirit and tweeting @dancinmoma. Her brilliance outside of social media shines with the ability of dance teaching Ballet, Celtic, Jazz and Tap. She has earned a BA degree from Michigan State University to include Dance Specialization Studies and competed in the International Irish Dance Feis, winning several medals. In addition, Pam has taught, performed, choreographed and attended Master Classes through the Midwest & California. Her unfaltering optimism is what makes her a perfect fit with the Social Media Girlfriends family.

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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Dabney talks women’s health with Dr. Tandra Cadigan from House of Squirrels


This week on Girlfriends Talk Radio, Dabney and your Social Media Girlfriends welcomed Dr. Tandra Cadigan to talk Women’s Health. Dr. Tandra Cadigan is a practicing OB/GYN and has over 25 years of experience. She is located in Newport Beach, California where she has her own practice, specializing in taking care of the entire body – physically, mentally, & spiritually.

Dr. Tandra Cadigan graduated from Western University of Health Sciences and has been listed as a Patients’ Choice Award recipient. She is known for spending up to two hours with someone and has a reputation for really making it a point to understand her patients as shown by an award for Compassionate Doctor Recognition. She wants all women to know and understand how incredibly fabulous they are and how their amazing bodies work and thrive. She has recently partnered with her daughter, and one of our Social Media Girlfriends Donte Calarco, launching their lifestyle website House of Squirrels – writing and capturing all things fashionable, beautiful and stylish. Dr. Cadigan contributes, educates and advocates as ‘Dr. Squirrel’ on the site via blogs about Omega-3s, preventative care and apps for your phone to keep on top of yourself and your health.

In this interview, Dr. Cadigan discusses how the wellness of a woman is all inclusive. She explains that the body is an integrated system, with all of the organs affecting each other, which is why it is so important to address the whole body including the mind. Her approach is not wanting her patients to feel rushed so she actually tells them to bring a list! She knows it takes time for people to relax and remember everything going on with the complicated and intricate system that is a woman. Dr. Cadigan strives to be a partner with the patient in their healthcare. She says “I want my patients to be empowered.” Listen and learn what she feels are the 3 key ingredients to keeping your body running at an optimum level.

Dr. Tandra Cadigan is guiding women with the education on how to keep their bodies running smoothly. She says, “We go through very complicated cycles and women need to help each other find our happiness.” This is why Dr. Tandra Cadigan is empowering women and this is why the Social Media Girlfriends love her. We think you should listen to Girlfriends Talk Radio today!

Dr. Tandra Cadigan is an OB/GYN and mom of four children residing in Los Angeles, CA with her husband. Visit House of Squirrels or tweet her @tlcadigan.

Girlfriend Spotlight: Dabney Porte

This week our spotlight is on the original Social Media Girlfriend

~ Dabney Porte ~


Dabney Porte is the President and CEO of Girlfriends Productions, LLC – Social Media Girlfriends. In the past few weeks Dabney has truly shown what she is made of when it comes to social media. Not only has she shown kindness, warmth, integrity and social media manners, but she has shown the best attribute of them all – strength. Dabney Porte embodies woman empowerment and displays it each and every day. She has shown she can walk in HER greatness and OWN her power. THAT is a Social Media Girlfriend!

She is founder of Girlfriends Productions, LLC to include – Social Media Manners (#SmManners) Social Media Girlfriends (#SmGirlfriends) and Slumber Party (#SlumberParty). This girl is on FIRE!


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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Dabney gets up close and personal with Amanda Greene AKA LA Lupus Lady


Tune in and join Dabney and the Social Media Girlfriends as we bring one of our own Social Media Girlfriends, Amanda Greene, also known as LA Lupus Lady. On this show she talks about living with flair and passion, despite being diagnosed with Lupus over 30 years ago.

Amanda has been sharing her story with flair on stage for conferences from New York State of Now – #140conf to Los Angeles Women in Pain Conference and connecting with Richard “@TheWeightSaint” Simmons for the Great Challenge at TEDMED. The Social Media Girlfriends feel honored to have Amanda as an integral part of “Team Girlfriend,” as she is one of the voices behind our community twitter handle – @SmGirlfriends. As a Social Media Consultant, she has vast experience working with companies and specializes in creating online brand identities for her clients.

Amanda’s passion is contagious! In this interview she talks about how she takes a different approach to living with Lupus – an autoimmune disease which afflicts more than 1.5 million people in the United States. Listen to the show to hear Amanda share her journey of living with a chronic disease and how she is “Celebrating the flair while avoiding a flare.” Amanda discovered her “Lupus Style” when she chose to live life active and thriving. Her fastidious dedicated approach to Lupus awareness and her numerous participation in events throughout the country is beyond incredible and truly commendable.

We are so proud to have Amanda on the Social Media Girlfriend’s team. We love that her smile and positive attitude shines through in everything she does, making her such a special lady – listen to Girlfriends Talk Radio today!

Amanda lives in Los Angeles with her husband and favorite four-legged creature. She is a strong advocate for Lupus Awareness and continues to spread her cape. You can find her at LA Lupus Lady or tweet her @LAlupuslady she’d love to chat!

Amanda ~ “Lupus Lady” ~ on Blog Talk Radio


I am Amanda also known as @LAlupusLady on Twitter. I am a member of Dabney’s #TeamGirlfriends where I sometimes chat with the @SmGirlfriends handle. I love this community that provides support and encouragement to each and everyone within it. I am so happy to be interviewed by Dabney on GIRLFRIENDS TALK RADIO today, Wednesday, May 1st, because the month of May is a special month for me. It is “Lupus Awareness Month” and I am proud to kick it off with the Social Media Girlfriends in what I call “Lupus Style” – where I like to celebrate and “find my flair, while avoiding a flare (which is a period when my condition is active and inflamed).”

Lupus Lady cape in LA

I “find my flair” when I wear my purple cape, tights and boots.  This past Sunday, I was a part of the “L Hand Sign Lupus Awareness Flash Mob” in Hollywood.  At Noon, over 150 people (most of them, wearing purple) froze while proudly flashing the “L Hand Sign” the event was videotaped and will be posted online soon. 

Lupus Lady freeze in LA

I am committed to doing whatever it takes to raise Lupus Awareness and support Lupus Research so that one day (hopefully, in my lifetime) there will be a cure for lupus.  Next week, I will fly to New York City to join in and support the Alliance for Lupus Research.  On May 9th, I am going to be a part of the “LupUs is Us” event in the East Village.  The next day, May 10th is World Lupus Day and I will be donning my purple cape, tights and boots and instead of Hollywood Blvd, I’ll be in Times Square for another Flash Mob.  Shortly after that I’ll be on my way to a wonderful celebratory lunch at Joanne’s Trattoria.  A wardrobe change will be happening in the back of a cab en route.  Can you picture it?  Like Superman used a phone booth, I am going to use a cab, only changing from my outfit as a caped crusader for Lupus Awareness into “LA Lupus Lady.”

Lupus Lady funmatLHandSign

I enjoy being a part of the #SmGirlfriends community and hope you join our mini-chats every weekday at 12pm/EST & 9am/PST where I tweet as @SmGirlfriends. Follow me and my #LupusStyle adventures on Twitter or on my blog LA Lupus Lady – or maybe you could support my team “Lupus Awareness is Fun” that is walking on May 18th in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium. Hope to see you in the chat!

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