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Girlfriends Talk Radio: Different Types of Mom Relationships @Ciesla504 and @DailyDimmick

Mother’s Day may be a Hallmark holiday, but it is still a very important day to celebrate the women who have brought us all into this world or who have helped us to survive the circumstances of life.  Sometimes these relationships have been magical and other times they have been challenging, but this is a day that comes around every year and that gives us the opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation for moms.

What kind of card do you get for the mom who wasn’t always there for you?

How do you celebrate Mothers Day when your mother is no longer living?

What do you say to the child who doesn’t want to celebrate you as a mom?

Life isn’t always easy, but we always have the opportunity to grow and learn from every experience. 

In this episode of Girlfriends Talk Radio, we were so very fortunate to be joined by the Girlfriend of the Month of May Kimberly Ciesla and Mistah Sistah, Stephen Dimmick who shared their thoughts and experiences about motherhood and Mothers Day with us.  BTW, we also shared a few thoughts on the Forbes article about Klout, in keeping with our obsession with social media!

Thank you for joining us.  Enjoy the show and please leave your thoughts and stories in the comments to share with us! 

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms in Social Media Girlfriends!


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