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Congratulations On Becoming A Social Media Girlfriend!

Copy & Paste Code Above To Add Your Social Media Girlfriends Badge

To Your Blog.

**On Fridays, please post a link to your blog with your
Social Media Girlfriends Badge on our Facebook page!**
 Directions to place badge on Word Press site:
1. Go to WP dashboard
2. Under the Appearance tab, click on widgets
3. Drag a text box over to the desired sidebar
4. Copy the code for the badge above
5. Paste into the text widget
6. Save
7. Open a new window and check to see what sidebar looks like
8. If badge looks okay, you are done
9. If badge is too big, enter code into the html tab of a post and then resize
using the visual tab.
Debbie Halvorson
Debbie Halvorson 1 Like

hi everyone, need to correct twitter it is @dhalvorsonbush. #smgirlfriends

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