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The Law of Fabulous ~ Dabney Shares her Brilliance

Dabney ~ Founder of Social Media Girlfriends

Founder of Social Media Girlfriends


As we announced on January 1, 2013 ~ Our Social Media Girlfriends Community has declared this New Year ~ The Year of the Empowered Woman and we have launched our Guest Girlfriend Post of Brilliance program.  We hope you agree that this is a fabulous way to begin the new year, as we change the world bringing Global Brilliance Together via our community and friendships.

I have been so inspired by our first Girlfriends Guest Blog Post of Brilliance written by Dear Darby, that I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you.

As I watched Jodie Foster speak at the Golden Globes, goose bumps radiated throughout my body and a few tears slipped down my cheeks.  I was moved and my soul was touched to its core.

Many women expressed similar reactions on social media and many to my surprise, expressed reactions that were polar opposites to how I and many of YOU were feeling.

I believe this is a very distinctive example of what I like to call the Law of Fabulous.

You see, not only do we attract individuals into our lives who think, believe and live as we do, we also attract negativity and even hostility from those who are not in alignment with our vision, thoughts or overall mindset.

I noticed that the women who felt as I did and “heard” what I did from Jodie Foster’s speech, were very inspired by her strength, energy, love and brilliance. These women appear to have one thing in common with many of us who felt the same way. These are our girlfriends who are walking in their greatness and embracing their power … or at least on the verge.

When you arrive at this place of empowerment, you know how difficult the journey to get there has been.  You know what it FEELS like to have finally arrived.

It is like a re-birth of your soul and you are happy….elated…on FIRE with bliss. 

When you are in this space of pure brilliance and you see someone like Jodie Foster OWN her magnificence as she did,  you want to scream ~ “You GO girl”  and you honor that she too, has arrived.  A woman who has empowered herself like this instantly becomes your soul sister.

However, for those women who are not in this amazing place of empowerment, a completely different reaction occurs.  For those women who have not yet found a path on their life journey, or are in a space where they are facing adversity, self-doubt, uncertainty or are unhappy in life, they simply do not SEE, HEAR or FEEL what someone like Jodie Foster or many empowered women do.

Let’s support those women.  Reach out to your friends who are not yet walking in their magnificence.  Toss some #DivaDust their way.  Help them to know what it REALLY feels like to sparkle in soar.  Be the wind beneath their wings.

During this year of The Empowered Woman ~ Let’s celebrate where we are, but let us also change the world and bring the many women who are struggling with finding and owning their power WITH us! 

After all ~ isn’t that what Social Media Girlfriend are  for?


Bravo Darby ~ Bravo Jodie ~ Bravo Social Media Girlfriends!


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bennettdoneit 1 Like

Trying to find my brilliance this year Dabney! I stand in my own way so many times. My insecurities and fears, but the company of great women supporting one another in the #SmGirlfriends community is wonderful.

BarbaraDuke 2 Like

 @Dabney Porte @Heidi Martin @Diane Bogut  @Charmin @Heather Frey @ladyjl13579  All the best of friends tend to congregate and support each other. You are all living in your brilliance and love. What beautiful ladies you are. 

Diane Bogut
Diane Bogut 4 Like

I share, support, network and develop friends while enjoying #SmGirlFriends, #SmManners, and #SmSlumberParty. A true unique group of Divialicious Darlings! Thank you Dabney for your great radio shows, parties, information and connection. You truly sparkle n shine. I am proud to be part of your Global Community of Brilliance. #DivaDust sprinkles for you! Have a Fabulous Day n Smile~ Diane Bogut pen Lexi Michaels (after my kids) xoxo

Charmin 3 Like

In celebrating the brilliance of others, we can find our own strengths and sharpen our own skills and mindset to become better, more brilliant in our own right. @Dabney Porte - you've created such a wonderful community of amazing, supportive and encouraging women. I look to the #SMGirlfriends each day to add more sparkle and inspiration to my life. {hugs}

Dabney Porte
Dabney Porte moderator 1 Like

 @Charmin Thanks so much...your words touch my soul! Together we have created a place where WE can change the world by sharing our positive message with those who have not yet claimed their own power! Let's make 2013 ROCK!  xoxo 

Heather Frey
Heather Frey 5 Like

So beautifully put @Dabney Porte Dabney. And it becomes so much more clear as we become more wisdomfull. I know that I can look back and clearly see my mindset and why I attracted certain people. And it's not always negativity. I hired a terrible group of people who really tore me up personally and business wise. You wonder why at the time, but in hindsight, I was so insecure about my business that I ignored my gut... I attracted someone who felt my insecurity. NOW... no way. I can spot those people from a mile away and frankly, I don't attract those kind of people anymore ;) Thanks for all you do and your brilliance. xo

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